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Virus Removal

It happens – even I have clicked something and found it was really malware. Viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, malware, junkware. They all seem to find there way in.

Best defense – do use a good Anti-virus software, Don’t use a Micorsoft Browser. There is nothing WRONG with a Microsoft browser – but most of the malicious software is written to exploit Microsoft. Firefox and Google Chrome are less ubiquitous , and therefore hackers are less interested in exploiting them. Sadly, Apple products are now getting viruses and you should run antivirus software on your OS X computer.


Newer computers come installed with lots of additional software you may not care about. Worse, manufactures install the software so it is pre-loaded and ready to run as soon as you click. All these programs take up space. I have seen nearly new computers with 120 background processes! 40-60 are average. I can tune your start-up so that programs you don’t use, or rarely use, can always be run, but they are not using memory before you use them.

Conventional hard drives rely on a rotating platter. Over time, the data gets fragmented and needs to be compacted. It can make a big difference on performance.

We all love cookies, but browsers save lots of them, and it can slow the computer down. During a tune-up unwanted tool bars, extensions, plug-ins and search engines are removed. I also check that your antivirus software is up-to-date, as well as operating system files and drivers.


Often your existing computer can be upgraded to extend its life. RAM – the memory that you computer uses as the “scratch pad” to load and run programs used to be quite expensive. These days a significant gain can be had by upgrading memory in many cases.

Hard Drive – recent improvements in hard drive design have lead to SSD or solid state drives. They have no moving parts, and perform faster that conventional rotating drives. They also do not need to be defragmented like a conventional drive – a common reason for computers to run slowly.


Data recovery
Set up secure networks
Network PC/Mac environments
Set up backups / disaster recovery
Set up financial software
Scanners to simplify and reduce clutter
iPhone/iPad screen repair
Onsite training
Remote Access

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Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy, The IT Man

I love fixing computers and helping people. I started with computers in 1975 – on Mainframes… long before Apple and the PC. I am always happy to educate my clients on best practices so they DON’T need much help in the future. I also don’t charge existing clients for short phone calls to remind them what we have done and how to resolve simple issues. I help protect computers from getting viruses and spyware, and keep them running efficiently. I help people to understand their computers better, to be able to use them to manage their finances, photos, communications, and find out the answers they need. I enjoy fixing hardware and software issues to make computer usage simpler and less stressful for my clients. From tune-ups to integrating various software components to make businesses more efficient, I enjoy the work I do.

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